13 Feb 2023

10 Top Telesales Tips to Close Sales Immediately

Telesales is a unique skill that is needed not only by salespeople selling over the phone but by every salesperson at some stage of their sales cycle.  

It is a skill that seems easy or basic but it’s difficult to consistently practice right. And this is the reason most of the salespeople are unsuccessful to build rapport and sell over the phone.  

Since early on in my career, I was fortunate to organize telesales war rooms where all my team members used to compete in a structured way to close sales.  

After reflecting on the real experience of selling over a decade, I could list down the top 10 telesales or telemarketing tips for sales training in Singapore that helps my participants every time to close sales almost immediately.  

If you consistently practice them by making it an indispensable part of your sales process, I am sure you will see tremendous success. 

So, are you ready?  

Let’s go… 

Here are the top 10 tips you need to practice consistently to succeed in sales:

  1. Voice: 

It’s estimated that in any telesales, about 75% of people will only respond well because of your voice – so work on your voice – make it sound appealing and pleasing. 

When it comes to voice, you must focus mainly on these 3 elements: 

  • Tone: Your tone needs to be confident and professional. Don’t make it sound robotic or scripted. Also, avoid using jargons and slangs.  
  • Pace/Rate: Keep the pace of your voice medium. Don’t keep it too slow or too fast as you don’t know how fast your prospect or customer can process the information you are sharing.  
  • Volume: Keep the volume easily audible. Neither make it too low that your customers start focusing on something else nor make it too loud that their eardrums start to pain.  
  1. Choice Of Words: 

It is estimated that about 25% of your customers will respond well because of your choice of words. 

Your choice of words should be positive, uplifting and inspiring.  

For example, if you are in a business of property or mortgage sales, say: 

Congratulations on even starting to think of buying a property. An asset for yourself and your family. 

  1. Physical Environment: 

You must keep the physical environment quiet and distraction free for your call 

Avoid any background noise/sound that will disturb not just you but also your customer. Create a distraction free environment away from people moving around, email or text message popping up, phone ringing, etc. 

I urge sales leaders to provide quiet and distraction free environment to their team in all my sales leadership programs in Singapore

  1. Body Posture: 

Keep your body straight yet relaxed.  

If your body is bent, your phone plugged between your head and shoulder, etc. your voice will be impacted. You won’t sound professional and confident.  

  1. Facial Expression: 

Your facial expression must be relaxed, smiling and cheerful. 

Always smile when you are talking as it will put a smile in your voice too.  

  1. Breath: 

Keep your breath slow and steady.  

This will help you avoid stammer and fumble.  

Take 1-2 deep breaths before starting your call.  

  1. Visualize Your Call: 

This is my favourite. This was one of the secrets to my sales success. I emphasize on this in all my Sales Manager’s Training

Visualize you are sitting in front of your customer and talking. This will automatically make you give your best. Your voice, choice of words, body posture, facial expression, and breath will be at your best. 

  1. Parent-Parent Level: 

Communicate at ‘Parent-Parent level’ not ‘Parent-Child level’.  

You are an expert in your field and your customer needs your guidance. They will feel they are talking to the right person if you talk to them on a parent-parent level.  

Use your customer’s first name while communicating and keep it consistent on all the calls, emails, and SMSs.  

  1. Ask Relevant Questions: 

Ask questions for clarity and more information.  

But ask only relevant questions, less is more, otherwise you will lose trust of your customer.  

  1. No Eating Or Drinking: 

Don’t assume since your customer can’t see you, you can eat or drink on the call and they won’t understand.  

Many telesales professionals make this mistake. The moment you take a sip of your drink, the sound of the gulp will hit ears of your customer. And they will know you are not serious about them. You will lose the deal. So never do that.  

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About the Writer: 

Amit Prakash is a trainer specializing in Sales Training Programs in Singapore.   

Before founding his company @Motivus Consulting, he learned, performed, led, and trained in global organizations across different countries and continents.  

Amit is passionate about integrating Sales and Customer Service to create positively memorable Customer Experience and significant Business Results for his customers.   

He is also one of the sought-after Sales Speakers in Singapore.  

Amit is well known for his bespoke sales training courses in Singapore. 

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