Recession: Opportunity to Pause, Plan & Play


In this segment, the Sales Coaching Singapore will update and explain the potential losses incurred by hospitality and tourism industry on a global and regional level due to recession. This will create seriousness about the situation and urgency to manage this crisis. This will also set the tone for the next segment.

  • PAUSE:

    In this segment, the trainer will motivate the team to be positive, creative and determined to manage this crisis. The team will be urged to find opportunities in every crisis. The trainer will also give food for thought to brainstorm internally what is going to be relevant and what is not going to be relevant from the strategies in place, so far. This will set the team up for the next segment.

  • PLAN:

    In this segment, the trainer will share sales tips in 2 parts:

    1. Sales tips to be implemented during recession, to stay afloat.

    2. Sales tips to be implemented to overcome losses incurred due to recession, sooner than later.

  • PLAY:

    In this segment, the trainer of Sales Managers Training will inspire the team to start playing (working) again, by implementing the tips learnt. Now, the trainer will finish with a meaningful video to encourage the team to do responsible business.


    In this segment, the trainer will answer all the questions that the team will have.