Most of the companies had to lose up to 85% of their precious employees due to the impact of COVID-19. We have lost the loyalty of these employees.

As the market starts to open, companies will need well-trained employees immediately to support business and overcome losses. At the same time, employees will look for the best paying jobs to overcome their income losses.  They may even need to switch jobs to do so.

In this scenario, business leaders are going to face these problems:

  • A well-trained team to quickly capture market share and get ahead of the competition.
  • A well-qualified trainer, coach, and consultant who can help without quitting.

At Motivus, we are committed to solving both the problems by outsourcing your Learning and Development (training) role. And here is good news:

Nelson Hall reports that outsourcing training activities are 25% less expensive than working with internal teams.

(NelsonHall is the known subject-matter expert when it comes to outsourcing these activities.)


  • 1. Strong track record as employees in global organizations as Sales and Customer Service (Operations) Learner, Performer and Leader. Some brands to name are Hilton, Starwood (Marriott), IHG, Millennium, ITC Group, Regus Management, Lazada, etc.
  • 2. Experience in training Sales, Marketing and Customer Service (Operations) teams as employees. Internal stakeholder management.
  • 3. Experience in vendor management for other relevant topics. External stakeholder management.
  • 4. Global exposure of working with more than 60 nationalities.
  • 5. NDA or any other confidentiality agreement can be signed not just by an individual but also by a training company. It’s hard to take action against an individual breaching confidentiality agreement but not a company.
  • 6. Option of early closure of contract. Easy exit clause of 30 days notice.
  • 7. Easy extension of contract as required.
  • 8. Ready access to a pool of other qualified trainers. We are professional members of Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore, a global speakers and trainers association and International Association of Sales Training.
  • 9. Deeply customized Sales Training Programs content and delivery based on team skillset gaps and business requirement (3D Model).
  • 10. Cost-effective solution. One fixed monthly retainer fee inclusive of all services.
  • 11. No hassle of hiring, firing (in case of pandemic or underperformance) and rehiring L&D positions.