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Our Lead Business Coach, Amit Prakash takes Education, Experience, and Business Family Background-based Approach while coaching SME (small and mid-size enterprise) business owners and managers.

He understands what is at stake for you as an SME business owner. Amit can feel how you feel about your business and what keeps you awake at night. After all, he grew up in a business family and owns SMB business himself.

His practical experience of having been there done that, combined with business management education, Amit created a proprietary business coaching framework which has been tried, tested, and refined over the past 5 years.

Business Coaching Framework

Amit’s framework covers all the essential part of business management: Brand — Marketing — Sales — Customer Service — Customer Feedback Management.

This framework helps business owners and managers create positively memorable Customer Experience and Significant Business Results for themselves. Amit calls this framework “Customer Experience R&D” *. *R&D = Redefined and Designed

Why Customer Experience R&D?

Since we are living in an Experience Economy and Customer’s (Buyer’s) Market, it’s important to follow a tried and tested Customer Experience Framework that results in repeat and referral sales making your business more profitable and sustainable.

Business Coaching Delivery Model

Business Coaching is delivered in a 3D Model:

  • D1: Discover – In this phase, Amit works with business owners to discover problems, challenges, needs, and opportunities. This phase takes about 3 sessions.
  • D2: Deliver – Here, based on the identified needs Amit works with business owners to deliver solutions. This phase takes about 7-10 sessions.
  • D3: Determine – Finally in this phase, Amit helps business owners determine all the solutions are implemented. This phase takes about 3 sessions that sets you up for a more profitable and sustainable business.

So, lets get started and set you up for SUCCESS.


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