Online Training | Classroom Training | Coaching

Whether it’s called Online Customer Service Training or Virtual Training or Online Live Training or Virtual Instructor Led Training or Virtual Live Training or Webinar, we have the capability (full studio set-up) and expertise for you.

Whether it’s called Classroom Training or In-person Training or On-site Training or Workshop or Masterclass, we have the capability and expertise for you.

Also, when it comes to One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching and Executive Coaching, we have the capability and expertise for you.

We specialize in customized Sales Training, Customer Service Training and Customer Experience Training, Coaching and Consulting.

We follow a 3D Process:
1. Discover (Skillset Gaps | Business Needs):

Here, we meet with responsible stakeholders to understand their business direction in the next 2-5 years, their products and skillset gap in their team. We also meet the employees (optional yet recommended) to understand from them what they need help with. While meeting them, we also make our own notes on what else we should do for them.

2. Deliver (Virtual Live | In-person | Classroom):

Based on the notes, we curate a deeply customized content where the team gets everything they need and almost nothing that they don’t. With this highly customized content, we conduct virtual live or classroom training which is very practical with real life examples, facts & figures, relevant interview videos and role plays to ensure the team is ready for implementation. We take a list of new learnings from the team that they will be implementing in short, mid and long term. This list is shared with the management team and kept with us also for follow up and review.

3. Determine (Follow-up | Review to Implement):

We follow-up / review after 1-3 months to ensure implementation is done. We also offer Online Sales Training to the problems that the team is facing. In some cases, We create a Whatsapp group to offer creative solutions real time when they hit a roadblock.

Customize a training program!

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