Customer Experience Redesign

Customer Experience Redesign is a consultative and customized training program where we understand your current customer experience journey and redesign it based on your product, service, and industry to achieve memorable customer experience leading to profitable business.

To achieve best customer experience, we divide it into 4 stages (course outline):

  • Pre-sales: In this stage, based on the product or service, the Brand and Marketing team makes a promise to its customers.
  • Sales: In this stage, the Sales Team brings the promise to life, makes a sale, and re-iterate that the same promise will be lived by the Customer Service or operations team.
  • Customer Service: In this stage, the Customer Service team lives the same promise without any gaps.
  • Customer Feedback: Finally in this stage, the Customer Feedback team which includes Pre-Sales, Sales, Customer Feedback, and Leadership team ensures to understand that customers are experiencing the same promise offered by the brand without any gap or breach in between the customer journey by collecting feedback and acting on them.

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