06 Apr 2020

10 Hotel Sales Tips To Make Fortune During COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Current Emergency Operating Opportunities:
  • Sell your hotel by converting it into a hospital.
  • Sell your hotel by converting it into testing centres.
  • Sell your hotel for medical support staffs.
  • Sell your hotel for ‘Government Quarantine’. 
  • Sell your hotel for ‘Stay Home Notice’.
  • Sell your rooms to government officials on duty.
  • Sell / barter your rooms with media companies for their representatives on duty.

2. Sell your hotel to stranded tourists with packages incl. meals, spa, etc.

3. Sell your hotel to project business (long stay) guests who can not go back due to lockdown.

4. Sell your hotel to International and domestic cargo companies.

5. Sell gift vouchers (rooms, banquets, restaurants, spa, etc.) to corporates and social guests with longer validity, to redeem after #covid-19.

6. Sell food and drinks through home delivery.

7. Sell vouchers through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, E-bay, @cred etc. 

8. Sell meeting rooms to guests for online meetings eg. Zoom, Skype, Cred app, etc.

9. Barter with Influencers, critiques, etc. for positive marketing.

10. Limited time promotion:

  • Pay Now Use Later – Offer discounted price for rooms, banquets, meeting rooms, restaurants, spa, etc. on advance purchase basis.
  • Instalment Plan: Offer instalment plan to start paying now and use later.

Please Note:

  • I am happy to explain these points and more on a free one on one call. To book a call, please write to me: amit.prakash@motivusconsulting.sg
  • Some tips may be applicable to selected hotels and countries depending on the current situation.

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